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Goat's milk is a buffer that leaves the skin very close to its natural pH.

It makes your skin softer and smoother!
Dry Skin

Even Diaper Rash
You need Goat's Milk!*
(Lotions & Soaps)
* We cannot guarantee you will be cured of these things, but many of our customers have reported their symptoms disappeared completely or were significantly alleviated

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Every saturday  - We will be at the Phoenix roadrunner Farmer's Market from 7am-11am.  (state route 51 and Cactus)these are summer hours and start june 4th

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Old Town Scottsdale farmers market  starts Oct 17th, 8:00am-1pm! We will be at Old town until May 21st.  Please note, the market may close early as it gets hotter, shop early!

Click here for directions and more info!

Ahwatukee farmer's market on sundays, 8am-11am-these are summer hours.  Summer hours start june 4th!
see www.arizonafarmersmarkets.com for directions-I-10 and Warner area

Don't forget to like our facebook page for up to the minute updates in case we have to cancel a market due to weather:  Double Blessings goat's milk lotions and soap

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If you live in arizona, california, or new mexico, your shipping will most likely be considerably less than what you are charged.  Overpayment on shipping charges will be refunded when your order is shipped
if you live in arizona-don't forget to check www.veggiesandmore.com
they carry our products also and will deliver them to the valley free of charge along with your fresh veggies and meat!